Creating a Belgian-Estonian win-win

On Wednesday June 30, 2021, ImpactBuilders Estonia organised their ‘Belgian Jaanipäev’ business networking dinner. CEOs, investors, founders, and representatives from midfield organisations met in an informal setting. The great atmosphere initiated new contacts within the Estonian business community, and across borders. Plans were made to create a win-win cooperation between Belgian and Estonian business leaders.

In no time, 30 leaders from Estonian companies and mid-field organisations, as well as the Estonian ambassador in Brussels, and the Belgian honorary consul in Tallinn, confirmed their presence at the Belgian Jaanipäev from ImpactBuilders. For our international friends, Jaanipäev is the Estonian mid-summer night celebration that took place a week earlier around Wednesday June 23. “The warm reception by our new Estonian friends from business and midfield, inspired us to return the favour,” says Jan Lagast. “We wanted to create a typical Belgian informal gathering, where food and drinks and a warm atmosphere stimulate connecting on a personal level. Our Belgian approach was much appreciated by the Estonian community. Many asked us to organise a similar event next year. Speaking of a win-win …”

The speeches focused on creating a win-win between the Estonian and Belgian business community.

  • The Estonian Ambassador in Brussels, Toomas Tirs, indicated many visits from the Flemish, Walloon, and federal governments are being planned in the near future. That will increase the bonds between both countries. He much appreciated our presence in Estonia, and hopes this can also lead to an increased international cooperation with Belgium.
  • Services lead of the Estonian Chambre of Commerce and Industry, Piret Potisepp, says she is very happy that ImpactBuilders is in Tallinn now. She really likes our impactful purpose, and hopes this can inspire the Estonian business community to strive for more than just making money. Of course, she would also like us to help Estonian companies find their way to Belgium and The Netherlands. Estonia is already known for digital and startup, but there are many other gems in the Estonian SMEs worth exporting to Europe — and to the world. Personally, she is also striving for Estonian designers to find their way to Antwerp, which is known in Estonia as one of the primary fashion cities in Europe.
  • Finally, we added a little touch about the purpose-drive from ImpactBuilders. We have met many business leaders that would like to do good for society. They only think that it cuts the profits, or is too complicated to integrate into their processes. That’s the most important point that we want to stress: making a company relevant for society is a profit driver. It is a magnet to attract clients and collaborators. And it is very easy to integrate in the business processes, if you know how to do this. Which we do, of course 🙂