Steven Storms and Jan Lagast partner up to create impact

Today we formally announce a partnership that was in the making for some time. For two years now, Steven and Jan have been working together on several client projects and on the design of the ImpactBuilders organization. Their cooperation has now resulted in the creation of a partnership that will shape the future of ImpactBuilders, and will positively impact the European business community.

Common values

“Passion, trust, results. That have been my values for a long time,” says Jan. “And, I like to add authenticity to that list,” says Steven. Our values are not only the basis of this new partnership, they will also be the basis of the expansion of ImpactBuilders as an international organization. “Common values is what keep people together for the long term,” knows Steven. “The power of values is often underestimated by business managers. As is the importance of people and great teams.” 

Complementary skills

For a while, Steven and Jan have been trying to find out how their cooperation could work at its best. “Jan has a vision for companies and businesses that is really magic,” knows Steven. “He sees a company’s dynamics, and can design a great venture around it.” Jan adds: “Steven is super fast to grasp the visions I sketch on paper, and turn those dreams into reality. He is a people-centric leader who knows how to motivate the entire organisation to add value for clients.”

Helping institutional investors

ImpactBuilders is now going to multiplicate the design and dynamics of this core partnership, and build & renovate ventures all over Europe. “We will help investment firms to revive their portfolio companies when they are stuck. Institutional investors know what to do with the stars and the zombies in their portfolio. But they often have no substantial resources to dive in, when a company does not get its potential realised for some reason.”

And, creating ‘grand’ ventures

“That’s when we come in the picture. We create a new vibe, get the team moving, and ensure clients get more value than ever,” tells Steven. “We also ensure the business becomes more relevant for society, so that the venture is ready for a ‘grand’ future,” adds Jan. “That way, we make a positive impact on society with every business we are making more prosperous. Money and impact can go hand in hand”.