From Greece with love and impact

One of Athens leading technology marketeers …

All the way from Athens, Lia Fakinou brings the Greek sunshine and “kefi”° to ImpactBuilders. She also injects several years of experience in communications about technology and industry. Although she started her career as a journalist in various newspapers, the national radio station, and the trade press, she quickly discovered her passion for printing technology. “I enjoyed being the editor-in-chief for the leading Greek trade publication on printing technology for more than 15 years. And, then I discovered my new passion for visual communication design,” explains Lia Fakinou. 

Evolving from execution to strategy 

Restless as she is, she took the leap to the marketing and communications field, where she managed to put the Greek designers community on the map. “First in Greece, and five years ago, I also joined the European Design Awards Team as a communications manager,” adds Lia. In that role she also is responsible for event organization, market development, key account management, and strategy and planning. And now, she joined the ranks of ImpactBuilders.

Making our impact more visible

Lia is adding Mediterranean spices to the marketing processes. She makes it more easy for all the team members to inspire and attract potential investors, new leaders and new ImpactBoard members. “I am really happy to join this wonderful project,” adds Lia. “Steven Storms and Jan Lagast are on a great and ambitious journey, to increase society relevance of the business arena through innovation and collaboration. It will be a huge challenge, and there is a lot of hard work ahead of us. But, I am really looking forward to help to make this happen together with my new team.”

(°) kefi: a typical Greek concept that means “profound passion”