Coordination services centre created in Estonia

It took us less than an hour to create this new venture

Estonia is famous for its easy company creation and low business administration. A few days after our founder Jan Lagast explained this benefit to Flanders Minister-President Jan Jambon when he visited Estonia (see blog post ), we again got the proof of it: “I started entering the data of our shared services coordination centre around 12h, and less than an hour later, the application was sent,” remembers Jan. In the morning of December 1, ImpactBuilders Coordination OÜ was published in the commercial register, and one day later, the VAT number was ready to use.”

Effective support for all our venture building activities

ImpactBuilders Coordination is created to support all the venture building activities across Europe. “The services include administration, invoicing, cash planning, legal support, marketing communications support, and recruitment services. In order to cope with the various national accounting legislations, we count on external experts in every country,” explains Mieke Van Snick, the beating heart of the pan-European ImpactBuilders group. “Mieke has been working with us for several years now,” says Jan Lagast. “She ensures all things get done, and that is an important responsibility in our dynamic group.”

Co-founders to co-create impact

The works of the ImpactBuilders co-founders are also centralised in ImpactBuilders Coordination. “We have embedded our vision and purpose in the core of our international group,” says co-founder Steven Storms. “From ImpactBuilders Coordination, Jan and I are trying hard to create ventures that are great places to work, and great places to buy from. The same vision is applied to the team of ImpactBuilders Coordination, and this obliges us to only attract people with the same values and vision to offer our shared services.” “Mieke and our latest family member Lia Fakinou are both fully aligned, and make it a great pleasure to co-create impact on the business community,” concludes Jan.