The power of having market-side insights on board from day one

How we embed growth in every business, even before the venture is created

Effective client acquisition and motivated team members are key drivers for the success of a business. In order to make such a success come more natural, we set up a ‘Market-side Ideating Team’ in the early ideating days of every new venture. The Ideating Team welcomes a series of members who inject a broad variety of market-side insights into the strategy definition, solution design, and business modeling processes. After the establishment of the new legal entity, often, members of the Ideating Team move on to the ImpactBoard and remain in close contact with the leadership team throughout the venture’s lifetime.

Ideating Team key to success

We call our newly created ventures «greenfield ventures» to differentiate them from other startups. Whereas a typical startup gets its drive from one or more entrepreneurs, a greenfield venture starts from the market. Getting market insights aboard is priority number one. Before we even think about business planning and pitching, we are looking for co-thinkers who understand the market side and the potential business models of an idea.

Co-thinkers can be potential clients, or subject matter experts with an eye on the market, or seniors from a different industry who could cross-fertilise and challenge an idea and bring in valuable insights.

The co-thinkers form the Ideating Team of every new venture. ImpactBuilders assembles the Ideating Team, and coaches them towards defining an offering or a solution that answers the market need. When the idea starts to crystallise, we help find the leadership team, attract funds, and even acquire early adopter clients.

Helping the venture leaders with insights and network contacts

In general, the co-thinkers are not going to run the business. That is the role of the leadership team. When a greenfield venture starts off, however, the co-thinkers are invited to stay around and participate in the ImpactBoard of a venture. From that point onwards, they help the leaders with specific market- or network-related topics. The Ideating Team members then become key advisors who help the new company take its first steps in new-venture-land.

We prefer co-thinkers who want to open up their address book for the greenfield venture. When they share the good news and the first results in their network, they provide a great boost to the venture and to the reach-out efforts of the leadership team. Since the network always wins, that is of great value for the growth of the new venture.

One step further – from the market to the society

In principle, every venture builder could create a greenfield venture, when starting off with a market-side ideating Team. At ImpactBuilders, we like to go one step further, and also try to introduce “society relevance” as a key strategic driver.

We have developed a methodology to stretch the strategic intent to deliver client value towards creating a positive impact on society. In each of the Ideating meetings, and during the lifetime of a greenfield venture, we ensure all team members keep focused on the bigger purpose.

This is how we build prosperous ventures that are loved by clients, and that are relevant for society.