Jan Lagast appointed e-Residency Envoy

Our founder is a formal spokesperson for Estonian’s leading digital initiative now.

For several years, Jan Lagast has been inspiring business communities all over Europe about the Estonian e-Residency program. Jan is now appointed e-Residency Envoy. So, from now on, his motivational speeches are formally endorsed. As an Envoy, he will be one of the faces that inspire entrepreneurs to apply for e-Residency. As part of his frequent personal networking activities, Jan will also reach out to the professional investment community and to organisations in the field of e-government and data privacy, and explain them how easy and trustworthy it is to do business with e-Residency, and with other digital initiatives of the Estonian government.  

Ave Lauringson, managing director of e-Estonia is very positive about the continuing cooperation between e-Residency and ImpactBuilders. “Digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s about empowering people to achieve more. With e-Residency, Estonia has shown the world that digital innovation can create new opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and governments alike. I hope, that Jan as an e-Residency Envoy, will share the passion for this program and help more people unlock the benefits of a borderless, digital world.”

“I am really honoured by this recognition,” says Jan Lagast. “We are using e-Residency in all of our businesses, and it makes doing business so easy. Definitely when combining the e-Residency card with some other e-concepts of this leading digital nation, such as the OÜ, Estonia’s limited legal entity type that is 100% digitally accessible via an easy-to-use portal. Most administrative tasks such as an address change, the uploading of an annual report, a cap table update, …only take a few minutes, and done. Published in a matter of seconds. This is so convenient for us, that Estonia has become our favourite country for all the businesses we build.”