Inga Veselova to become our first ‘ImpactEnthusiast’

One day after we launched the concept of ImpactEnthusiast, Inga Veselova jumped onto it, and wanted to be “part of the gang”. Her drive to build ventures was the main reason to react.

“Building a company from scratch is one of the most fascinating, yet also challenging stages in a new venture,” says Inga. “I worked as an advisor with many startups, and witnessed that the most essential issues are with the personality of its management. I appreciate the approach of ImpactBuilders to build ventures in four stages. Each stage requires a totally different leadership setting. The inventor of a startup has not the same personality as the one that makes the company big in the later stage.”

First funds of particular interest

“I also like the three first fund initiatives. Empowering female leadership, of course, is a topic of personal interest to me – being a female leader and startup coach with a recent history of opening and expanding a network in the Arab world,” Inga continues. That’s why she will be taking part in the think tank of Rosa’s Legacy Fund, the fund that is going to create greenfield ventures that empower business women and female leaders.

But also the Cornerstone Fund, that will be investing in the missing technologies to enable the Future of Work, is of particular importance to Inga. “The way work is organized in many medium to large size organizations is archaic”, knows Inga. “Hierarchies don’t work, and both as a client and as a collaborator, you feel that a change is needed. But, both the technology and the business habits are missing to accomplish this.”

Inga Veselova (EE)

Inga Veselova is an international venture builder, with almost 10 years of experience in startup advisory, fundraising, and investor relations. She worked with many early-stage startups in Europe. Initially, she was leading the middle-east region for the London-based Seed Forum International Foundation, focused on investor match-making. For Inga, this was the starting point of an expanding network in the Arab business community.…

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