Margus Tammeraja (EE)

Margus Tammeraja is co-founder of the Estonian accountancy firm Robby & Bobby. He and his partner introduced a new way of team work, in order to offer a better client service and break with some of the old habits within the accountancy world. He also leads the Association of Estonian Accountants (ERK) in the most digital nation of the planet, and helps them to discover and embrace the future of accountancy.

Why ImpactBuilders

“I would love to make a positive impact on the business world, and on the way work is organised. I am trying to introduce new ways of teamwork in the places I am leading, and I discover how much that helps to give people a more meaningful working time. It also frees me as a leader from boring micro-management. But I see that there is still a long way to go reaching the ideal where everyone is capable of both managing herself as a professional and collaborating in concert with all the projects on hand at the same time.” 

At ImpactBuilders

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