Tamara Mihályi (HU)

Tamara’s essence of work over the past seventeen years is leadership development with leaders of all seasons. On three continents, she has been leading corporate change in business transformations, e.g. at Vodafone and IBM.

More recently, she started including impact and purpose in her activities. She now offers board advisory to social enterprises, and leadership coaching.

For Tamara, leading by example is key: “I believe personal growth is at the basis of a quality life. And, it should be the nature of any great leadership.”

Why ImpactBuilders

The resonance was clear from the start, says Tamara: “I want to help dismantle outdated and detrimental ways of leading organisations, and expand a positive impact via positive disruption, and get more and more planet-wide connected.”

At ImpactBuilders

  • ImpactEnthusiast
  • Think Tank member of Rosa’s Legacy Investments

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