e-Residency Envoy meeting triggers pan-European network

On Tuesday May 23, the ambassadors of the e-Residency program met each other for the first time. A new thriving international community was created on the spot.

At the beginning of this year, the Estonian e-Residency program appointed several spokespersons across Europe — and beyond. Our founder Jan Lagast is one of these e-Residency Envoys, as he often receives business and government delegations from Flanders in Estonia, and informs them about the e-Residency program and the Estonian business ecosystem.

It was high time for the Envoys to meet and get to know each other. And, in no time, the Envoys got to like each other, and the first intentions to cooperate were declared on the spot. UK, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany are now within reach of Dubai, Ukraine, Brazil, and South-Korea.