Kristel Uibo (EE)

Serial entrepreneur Kristel Uibo has been the founder of various nutritional manufacturing businesses such as Päris organic chocolate gifts, and WIBE organic food. Now, she is combining AI with health data to create a health diagnosis app, for which she is now raising funds.

As a female entrepreneur, Kristel is also helping other women to take the initiative and dare to start their own business. She has been giving motivation trainings for more than ten years now. And, recently she got interested in Africa, where she helps companies use solar energy as a sustainable energy source.

Why ImpactBuilders

“I truly believe the world needs to adopt the Business DNA that ImpactBuilders would like to introduce,” confirms Kristel. “When people are motivated to go the extra mile to attract clients and add value for their business, the business environment would be a much better place – both for the collaborators and the clients.”

At ImpactBuilders

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