Jim Lippens (BE)

Jim Lippens is the founder of the renowned Happiness At Work Experience, touring over Europe and the world. In the same time, Jim’s super-creative mind combined the music of an Indian musical genius with fragrances that can give any space a creativity boost, or a stress reducing or a productivity boost. 

Creation is Jim’s life-time passion, and it is not limited to one specific domain. When he was the plant manager in a textile manufacturing business, he redesigned the dies of the extrusion lines producing artificial turf fibers. In average the extrusion line ran 8 hours before facing a 4 hours maintenance. After Jim’s optimisation, the extruder ran 26 days in a row without 1 second of downtime. As a little side-project, Jim translated this principle into a 3D printing head that does not clog.

And, we could go on for hours to enumerate his inventions.

Why ImpactBuilders

“I see a lot of potential synergies,” says Jim. “I love to invent new business ideas, and ImpactBuilders adds the execution power to build real businesses out of those ideas. With ImpactBuilders I am sure, the ideas will create a positive impact on society, and that is really important to me.”

At ImpactBuilders

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