Gino Van Leuven (BE)

Being the CEO and co-founder of the international freight-forwarder Scanfor, Gino Van Leuven has always intuitively focused on his people. That’s how he managed to create an international organisation that promises a great service to its clients, without having to micro-manage the daily activities of his collaborators.

Scanfor is headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium) and recently opened a new terminal in the port of Ghent. The forwarder has branches all over Scandinavia, Spain and Eastern Europe. After almost 30 years, Scanfor is now also gaining presence in Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria. They now have a fleet of 750 trailers with a focus on multimodal transport — and with a mission to reduce their CO2 emission.

Why ImpactBuilders

Being a business owner, Gino knows how important it is to motivate people to go the extra mile. “Every single collaborator is a human individual,” says Gino. “And, because they are human individuals, they deserve to be respected. Period. Even if something happens in their private life, we try to help. I find the same vision at ImpactBuilders. I want to help them show to the world that a focus on people really matters – and really pays back.”

At ImpactBuilders

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