Nathalie Leys (BE)

Nathalie Leys is a young female leader, who is chief of staff at the Belgian software testing company (‘ttl’ as in ‘The Test Leaders’). She coaches 20 software quality and testing engineers to become self-organised. “The impact they now have on their professional life is super-motivating,” says Nathalie. “The happiness on the job directly impacts their performance. This is also being felt by their clients. And yes, our company’s retention is excellent.”

Nathalie is also an inspired entrepreneur, actively building her own advisory practice in organisational design & human growth strategy. Evidently, she believes in the power of people and she wants to help them unlock their potential.

Why ImpactBuilders

“I can’t change the world on my own,” explains Nathalie. “I would like to create workplaces that matter, and prefer to do that together with like-minded entrepreneurs.” She also likes our innovative thinking. “There is a clear need for pioneers who are inspiring the future. That’s what I find at ImpactBuilders.”

At ImpactBuilders

  • ImpactEnthusiast
  • Think tank member on the Future of Work
  • Co-creating the Flxion venture

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