Dirk Vermant (BE)

Dirk Vermant is the founder of CxO Europe. Dirk is a renowned Belgian publisher, who has spent a life-time being close to decision makers of Belgian companies. Over the past decades, he has been publishing CxO Magazine, a high-class publication distributed among decision makers in mid- to large-sized companies. The magazine became the core medium for a growing community of several 1000’s of managers and business owners in Belgium.

Later on, Dirk started adding leadership conferences that are attended by some 100 leaders at each occasion. And, soon, he will be the organiser of the World of Work exhibition in Antwerp Xpo. This conference will be the first to combine talent, mobility, facility management, and tech under one roof. It aims at 3000 visitors, and yes, sure, we will be at the event.

Why ImpactBuilders

“ImpactBuilders’ vision on how businesses should be organised and run is 100% in line with my personal beliefs. I see a lot of businesses struggling and remaining stuck in old metaphores. I belief the main reason is a lack of knowledge and role models. So, I hope ImpactBuilders and their growing international community will be able to show that it can be different. And, vice versa, I support ImpactBuilders with my full network to help them spread their message.”

At ImpactBuilders

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