Financial planner for our group companies and for the ventures we are building (EE)

Employee for our Shared Services Team in Estonia (en).

The ImpactBuilders Group consists of several legal entities. They also create various companies in Estonia, Belgium, and Switzerland. Each of these companies have a monthly, quarterly, and annual financial plan and budget follow-up. 

Would you like to be our spreadsheet wizzard and provide the right info on the right time?


  • making back-on-the-envelope financial projections
  • detailing the financial plans of our many ventures
  • following up the budget of our many ventures 
  • assisting the venture leaders and venture builders
  • preparing meetings and board reporting
  • collecting feedback, recalculating, recalculating, …
  • distributing and archiving the (final?) versions


  • a pragmatic and business-centric mentality   
  • spreadsheet wizzard and version manager
  • understanding the financial dynamics from startups
  • very structured in thinking and reporting 
  • easy to communicate and interact with people
  • understanding the corporate and business world

Would you like to be part of the Shared Services Team in Estonia?