Secretary of the board of our legal entities and of the ventures we are building (EE)

Employee for our Shared Services Team in Estonia (en).

The ImpactBuilders Group consists of several legal entities. They also create various companies in Estonia, Belgium, and Switzerland. Each of these companies have formal meetings with board members and investors. 

Would you like to organize the meetings, write the reports, and keep the doc rooms tidy and up to date?


  • organizing all meetings online and irl 
  • defining and updating the agenda
  • ensuring all stakeholders prepare their part
  • assisting the president of the meeting
  • taking notes and producing minutes
  • collecting feedback, checking compliance
  • distributing and archiving the final version
  • managing the doc room 


  • a pragmatic and business-centric mentality   
  • feeling with the legal framework of boards 
  • very structured in thinking and writing
  • easy to communicate and interact with people
  • understanding the corporate and business world
  • very fluent in business English

Would you like to be part of the Shared Services Team in Estonia?