Original shareholders gave us a mandate to re-pivot FunkyTime

The entire group of original shareholders of FunkyTime agreed on a term sheet that mandates ImpactBuilders to re-pivot the company and prepare it for a great future.

FunkyTime is a Belgian company that has created a very intuitive time & expense tracking app, that is now being used by solo-preneurs and small firms. With almost no churn and a very positive feedback from experts such as Margus Tammeraja, the president of the association of Estonian accountants, FunkyTime is steadily growing. Now that it is translated into Dutch, French, Swedish, German, Estonian, … and soon also other languages, FunkyTime is thé tool for small firms of knowledge workers all over Europe.

ImpactBuilders would now like to make this company and its product ready for the post-corona hybrid and remote work environments.

Like Margus says: “More and more employees are becoming a solo-preneur.

In order to achieve this we now have a mandate from the original shareholders. In the coming weeks, we are going to assemble a market-side ideating team. that could ideate the future scope of FunkyTime 2.0.

Want to have a look at FunkyTime? You can try it for free via this link …