One of our ventures now also moves into Italy

Good news from FunkyTime, the most easy-to-use app for time & expense tracking. After Belgium, Holland, France, Estonia, Sweden, … it will now also be represented in Italy by one of our ImpactEnthusiasts.

FunkyTime is a very easy-to-use app for time & expense tracking. Typically being used by solo-preneurs that are not all the time tied to their computer. With a super-easy access from phone, tablet, Mac, and PC it is the daily tool for advisors, consultants, architects, engineers, and all other knowledge workers that are often working from different locations. 

Now moving into Italy

FunkyTime has signed a co-marketing affiliate partnership agreement with Emerald Foundry from Milan (Italy). Federico Pirola, founder of Emerald Foundry, is going to launch FunkyTime on the Italian market, where he believes is still a lot of potential for a time & expenses tracking tool. Later this year, they are also going to translate FunkyTime into Italian, so that will really feel to be a local tool for local experts in Italy.

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