Want to become a member of our ImpactInvestor Assembly?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the ImpactInvestor Assembly.

First and foremost, this initiative is only open for financiers of the ImpactBuilders Group. So, the information below does not contain any appeal to the public, and it is not open for non-financiers of the ImpactBuilders Group. Also, before we make any promises, let’s be sure that we are 100% aligned.

  1. Are you really enthusiastic about our journey? Do you want to help us introduce a new business DNA in Europe? And, are you aligned with our core values? Read this information first, and proceed to step 2, when you are sure.
  2. If you did not do that already, sign the ImpactEnthusiast Declaration, in which you formally support our journey, and allow us to mention you online (or not, if you prefer to remain more discrete).
  3. Finally, sign the ImpactInvestor Application, so we can officially welcome you aboard of the ImpactInvestor Assembly. From that moment onwards, we will regularly update you on the status of the ImpactBuilders Group and invite you to several of the Assembly events.

Yes? In that case let’s get in touch.

Jan Lagast (EE)

Founder of ImpactBuilders, and senior strategy advisor. Has advised 100s of successful companies on how to embed client value into…

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