Want to become an ImpactEnthusiast?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ImpactEnthusiast. Before we make any promises, let’s first be sure that we are 100% aligned.

  1. Are you really enthusiastic about our journey? Do you want to help us introduce a new business DNA in Europe? And, are you aligned with our core values? Read this information first, and proceed to step 2, when you are sure.
  2. Let’s have a meeting to talk about our plans and how they could align with yours. You will meet one of the founders of ImpactBuilders, and talk about how you would like the European business community to evolve.
  3. Finally, sign the ImpactEnthusiast Declaration, so we can officially welcome you aboard. That’s when we will create your profile on the community page, and ask our friends and fans to share it within their networks.

Yes? In that case let’s get in touch. Make an appointment with our founder Steven Storms.

Steven Storms (EE)

Steven has over 20 years of experience as interim manager and an entrepreneur in Africa, Russia, and Europe. He is…

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