Would you like to be part of the Shared Support Services Centre in Estonia?

Our Shared Support Services Centre in Estonia assists all the legal entities of ImpactBuilders and some of the ventures created by ImpactBuilders. This team is the central backoffice for marketing communications, team recruitment and team coaching, legal support, financial planning and administration, and for the digital and physical workspace of our international organisation.

This team is coordinated by the founders, and is in direct contact with all the leaders and all the team members of all the projects of ImpactBuilders. Its main office is in Tallinn (EE). Some people work from that central office, others work from home — and their home can be anywhere in Europe.

You can reach us by sending an e-mail to co-founder Steven Storms: steven.storms@impactbuilders.eu

Steven Storms (EE)

Steven has over 20 years of experience as interim manager and an entrepreneur in Africa, Russia, and Europe. He is a business generalist with a value-chain focus and a big heart for people. He is an expert in motivating collaborators and middle-managers to go the extra mile while…

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