Financing Intention Declaration

Financing Intention Declaration (version May 2023)


  • I affirm that I have not been involved in any money laundering activities.
  • I affirm that I am free of any outstanding debts owed to the government, consistently fulfil my tax obligations, and dutifully meet all social security responsibilities.
  • Neither I nor my direct relatives hold any positions as government officials.
  • I possess a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of investing, lending, and venture building, and I acknowledge the risks associated with investing and financing.

Vision Alignment

  • I know ImpactBuilders wants to build thriving ventures while creating a positive impact. 
  • I endorse the dream to introduce a new business DNA in Europe (see this document).  
  • I align with the core values “passion, trust, results” (see the Core Values document).

Financing Intention

  • I might be interested in providing a loan to the co-founders, Jan Lagast and Steven Storms. 
  • I understand the funds will be utilised to establish ImpactBuilders Holding (CH).
  • Please send me a deck to gain a comprehensive understanding of ImpactBuilders’ plans.


  • I acknowledge the information will be strictly confidential and intended for my eyes only. 
  • I know I can share the information with my personal advisors to seek their feedback. 
  • I acknowledge that financial regulations prohibit me from disclosing it to third parties.


  • You can enter and keep my personal data in a fundraising register (as required by law). 
  • I can always view and update my data via


  • This intention declaration does not create any obligation to provide a loan.
  • This intention declaration does not create an obligation to be accepted as a financer.