ImpactEnthusiast Declaration

ImpactEnthusiast Declaration (version June 2023)

I declare that …

  • I am a positive individual.
  • I have read the ImpactEnthusiast information deck (version June 2023).
  • I appreciate the core values “passion – trust – results” of ImpactBuilders (see Core Value Document).
  • I am enthusiastic about the ImpactBuilders vision (see the Vision page on the website).
  • I would like to see the European business community get a new DNA (see DNA Document).
  • I (mentally) support the ImpactBuilders endeavour.
  • You can publish my picture and a profile text on the ImpactBuilders website.
  • You can refer to me in presentations, in leaflets, and during meetings when that would help the ImpactBuilders journey – but please do not exaggerate.
  • I am allowed to add an “ImpactEnthusiast” experience to my Linkedin profile.
  • I will try to like, comment, or share some of the ImpactBuilders blog posts.
  • You can send me ImpactNews every 6 weeks, and some intermediary communications.
  • You can invite me to the online think tanks – I will try to join some of them, but can’t guarantee anything.
  • You can invite me to other meet-ups and gatherings, but I am not promising anything yet.

I also agree that …

  • ImpactBuilders stores my data for 5 years in a FunkyOps CRM from FunkyTime NV (the data processor).
  • I can always ask to see the data via, and have them changed or deleted.
  • ImpactBuilders does not sell my personal data, or forward it to others without my permission.
  • There is no remuneration or expense reimbursement for being an ImpactEnthusiast.
  • ImpactBuilders can decide to remove me as an ImpactEnthusiast without explaining why.
  • In that case, I will ensure to remove all references from Linkedin and other promotions.
  • I can also decide to stop being an ImpactEnthusiast without explaining why.
  • In that case, ImpactBuilders will remove me from the website and all their new promo material.
  • I can not claim any damage from ImpactBuilders when I am no longer an ImpactEnthusiast.

All fine with me !

Remark: even when this declaration remains unsigned, when you are featured as an ImpactEnthusiast in the ImpactBuilders communications, the above declaration is valid, until you let us know you no longer want to be an ImpactEnthusiast.