ImpactInvestor Assembly Application

ImpactInvestor Assembly Application

I declare that …

  • I am a member of the ImpactEnthusiast community.
  • I am financing the ImpactBuilders Group.
  • I would like to be a member of the ImpactInvestor Assembly.
  • You can send me ImpactInvestor Updates roughly every 6 weeks, and sometimes an intermediary update about the ImpactBuilders Group.
  • You can invite me to ImpactAssembly events, but I am not sure I can always attend.

I also agree that …

  • ImpactBuilders will be very discreet about this membership.
  • ImpactBuilders stores my data for 5 years in a FunkyOps CRM from FunkyTime NV (the data processor) after I will have left the Assembly.
  • I can always ask to see the data via, and have them changed or deleted.
  • ImpactBuilders does not sell my personal data, or forward it to others without my permission.
  • There is no remuneration or expense reimbursement for being an ImpactInvestor Assembly Member, and for attending any of its meetings.
  • I will remain an ImpactInvestor Assembly Member until I am no longer financing the ImpactBuilders Group, and/or no longer an ImpactEnthusiast, and/or I decide to be removed as an ImpactInvestor Assembly Member.
  • Being an ImpactInvestor Assembly Member does not automatically give me any voting rights in any of the formal investment bodies and boards in the ImpactBuilders Group.
  • I can not claim any damage from ImpactBuilders when I am no longer an ImpactInvestor Assembly Member.

All fine with me !

Version October 2023