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Co-ideation Sessions on the Future of Work (Oct-Nov 2023)

We organise three almost identical sessions near you – or online

  • Tallinn City – 17 October, 18h EEST
  • Antwerp-Ghent-Brussels Triangle – 7 November, 19h CET
  • Online for everyone – 21 November, 19h CET (a bit shorter and no snack breaks)


  • Welcome and small snack – 15′
  • Introduction – 15′
  • Brainstorm 1 – 30′ > what is needed to make it more easy for solo-preneurs to cooperate with large organisations (and vice versa)
  • Brainstorm 2 – 30′ > how to make collaborators feel more relevant in the constant changing work environment of a medium-sized company
  • Snack break – 30′
  • Idea brainstorm – 45′ > generating new business ideas that will make people feel more respected and value-adding in/on the future work place
  • End – 15′

When I register I also accept that …

  • ImpactBuilders might make pictures during the event, and it’s okay to publish them afterwards – if I don’t like a picture, you will delete/change it when I ask it.
  • I cannot claim any IP from the ideas that I help generate. ImpactBuilders has the right to use the ideas, e.g. in its venture building process for the Cornerstone Impactfund.
  • ImpactBuilders will provide us with a quick explainer on how to run a successful brainstorm. I can use that expertise in my own work — there is no copyright on that.
  • I will respect the house rules of the premises in which the session will be organised, and I also waive ImpactBuilders if I there would be an accident.
  • There is no remuneration or expense reimbursement for being present. I am glad that I can help generate ideas and help create a positive impact on society.

I would like to participate in the event that I tick on the form below …