Our funds

We are now building our first ImpactFunds, of which the first will be ready by the Summer of ’24. These ImpactFunds will create and fund new business ideas, that will be built by the ImpactBuilders Venture Building services. They will invest with a clear impact focus in mind, and yet will prove that impact can lead to profit and a solid return on investment.

  • The Cornerstone ImpactFund – this fund and its think tank will ideate and fund new services and tech businesses that should be the key enablers for the Future of Work. First ideas are about strategic program management, freelancer platforms, and services & software to support self-organising teams.
  • Rosa’s Legacy Fund – Generating and funding new business ideas to empower business women and stimulate female leadership. First topics are about coaching services, a mental health clinic for post-war female officers, and a solution to the buying of fitting lingery.
  • Vaikneri Silence Fund – Finding and developing pragmatic innovations in the field of noise harassment reduction and silence stimulation. First ideas are about meeting room noise reduction panels, garden equipment silencing, and road-side noise cancellation technology.

Related info

The making off … and all other vision and news posts of our website that are relevant for the making off our first ImpactFund “The Cornerstone Fund”.

Important remarks:

  • not a single piece of information on this website is a concrete offer to invest
  • the information on this website is not intended for US citizens