Our investors

We have a variety of initiatives that require and attract a diversity of investors:

  • ImpactVentures: our thriving new ventures are of great interest to personal investors, and angel syndicates who would like to participate in one specific project that has won their heart and triggered their investment appetite.
  • ImpactFunds: family offices who would like to impact-invest as well as high net worth individuals are most interested in our ImpactFunds and Impact Investment Undertakings, which spread risk while aiming at an interesting return on investment.
  • ImpactBuilders: every investor in each of the ventures and in each of the funds gets the opportunity to support and win from our bigger project, and become a member of our growing international ImpactInvestor Assembly (read more here …).

Important remarks:

  • not a single piece of information on this website is a concrete offer to invest
  • the information on this website is not intended for US citizens