Our activities

Just like architects and contractors, we envision, design, build and grow business ventures. Unlike coaches and advisors, we do take the end-to-end responsibility to build and run the company. Investors give us the budget and the key to the door. We stay inside, until the business is up and running, and ready to let go.

4-stage venture building trajectory

The core of our venture building is a 4-stage venture building trajectory, that guides us and helps to provide the optimal service throughout the first years of the life of a new venture.

  • Ideating – finding the right sweet spot with a group of captains of industry who ensure the ideation is based on market needs. This results in a first vision pitch deck. We also prepare the team for the creating stage and might do a small pre-raising.
  • Creating – we then make a detailed design of the minimal vial offering (MVO) and get the first clients sign an LOI to ensure market acceptance. We assemble the temporary leadership team for the building stage, prepare a new pitch deck, and raise the first funds.
  • Building – the temporary leadership team now builds the offering and the business, focusing on the capturing of a small market segment. By the end of this stage, we start attracting the growth-hacking leadership team, and raise a large round.
  • Growing – in this stage focus is on turn-over and profit, while motivating people to add value to clients, and create a positive impact. In this stage, we start to move out, and ensure the leaders can take over. Yes, we let our baby walk on its own feet.

Advisory and transformation services

Some investors tap our expertise for other mandates too

  • Pre-investment boost – investors who believe the idea and the team are great, but there are too many issues in the current status, they can hire our experts to give the company a structural boost, and invest on condition the leadership team takes the advice seriously.
  • Transformation cathalyst – investors who feel that a certain portfolio company will not make it on their own any longer, can ask us to move in and take over the driving wheel from the current leadership. A few months later, we prepare the entry of new leadership.
  • Next round gem pimping – when a company is performing okayish, but its vision is not investor-ready, it will be hard to convince new investors in the next round. Let us remove the debris, and make the gem in the business visible for outsiders.

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