Our clients

We build thriving ventures for professional investors, and for our own ImpactFunds. Here is why they entrust us with the building of their new companies …

  • Entrepreneurial businesses – when they have an interesting business idea for a non-core activity that needs to be embedded in a different legal entity, and they do not want to lose their focus on the core business.
  • Inventive private investors – they have the money, and they have a dream which is a little gem that could become a great business, one day. But, they lack the time, and they understand you need a team to build a business. That team is our team.
  • University tech transfer departments – when ideas don’t reach the market because the inventors are researchers. They might just need a few entrepreneurs like us to prep the idea for business, and build a company to get the ideas to the market.
  • ImpactBuilders ImpactFunds – our own funds focus on funding new ideas that create a specific impact on society. We know we have the best team to turn any idea into a thriving business that motivates people to add value for clients and create a positive impact.

We are also asked by private and professional investors to have a look and boost a company before – or just after – they go in.

  • Private investors who are interested to invest in a company with a great idea and a huge market potential. When they see the team struggling, they ask us to advise the company on their behalf. When the team takes this lifeline, they know they can move on and invest.
  • Private equity firms who have recently acquired a company and feel that now is the time to clean up the mess, and start realising the potential of the new portfolio company. They can send us in with a mandate, so they keep their hands off.

And finally, institutional investors also ask us to revive and transform a portfolio company that got stuck.

  • Private equity firms – when the CEO has left (or should have left) the company, and the firm understands it is high time to get the team back on their feet to deliver value to clients again. We can dive in tomorrow, and make the business florish again.
  • VCs – when a portfolio company nears the end of their investment horizon, but they do not want to kill this baby yet. That’s when they ask us to give the business a short-term boost, and squeeze out the remaining potential.
  • Corporate venturing departments – when the gem got stuck in internal corporate politics, and they understand a new leadership team could start from a blanc page and make the business florish.


Here are some examples of projects and clients.