Our activities

We are running three types of activities

  • Envisioning and Investing – We are running think tanks to generate great new ideas for grand new ventures. Our ImpactFunds provide the early-stage funding for our own ventures, based on the think tank input and the ImpactBoard’s advice.
    We do not invest in existing startups, so no need to send us your deck.
  • Building and Coaching – We have a 4-stage venture building & coaching trajectory to get a new venture from idea to growth in a short and effective way. We also offer these venture building services to help the portfolio companies of private equity firms, VCs, and we love to build new ventures for the corporate venturing departments of large corporations.
  • Teaching and Preaching – From our field practice, we will start producing experience stories, and create training packs for third-party training firms. Eventually, our ImpactBuilders Foundation will start to inspire the general public and try and influence policy makers to adopt our vision on venture building and company management.

4-stage venture building & coaching trajectory

The core of our venture building is the 4-stage venture building & coaching trajectory that is executed by our Regional Venture Building Services Hubs. We take the end-to-end responsibility over a venture. That means we provide an optimal support during the essential four stages of a (re)new(ed) venture:

  • Ideating – finding the right sweet spot with a group of captains of industry who ensure the ideation is based on market needs. Then we assemble a temporary leadership team, prepare the pitch deck, and raise funds.
  • Creating – the leaders now create the MVP offering, and ensure its market acceptance. Then we assemble the final leadership team, prepare a new pitch deck and raise funds again.
  • Building – the leadership team is coached by us over a few years, so as to increase the client base and turn-over. During this phase, we start to gradually move out and ensure the leadership team is ready for growth.
  • Growing – when we let go, the venture is ready to become a growing international key player with a steady strategic intention to motivate people to add value to clients, and create a positive impact.