Our offering for corporate venturing departments

When your corporate venturing department is planning a new greenfield venture, it could be wise to hire an external team to build that venture. And, make it flourish and become a viable company with a growing business, before it could get crushed by corporate politics.


  • Ideating brainstorm – let’s re-iterate the first ideas with several captains-of-industry, in order for the new venture to be in line with the current and future market demand.
  • Market or expert validation – let’s first validate whether the market is really looking for the greenfield venture you are planning to build. And, check it with subject-matter experts.


  • 4-stage building & coaching trajectory – this is how we build and coach your greenfield venture from idea to growth. It’s a very effective and short path to success.


  • ImpactBoard – in order for the recently built greenfield venture to remain connected with its impact-intent and market promise.

Sounds interesting?

Then let’s talk about business …