Jan Lagast (EE)

Founder of ImpactBuilders, and senior strategy advisor. Has advised 100s of successful companies on how to embed client value into their strategic intent, and how to involve the staff in that endeavour.

For his entire life – even in his childhood – he has been combining tech with sales and marketing. During his studies for MSc in electronic engineering, he co-founded his first software company, in which he created and marketed a construction design application.

After graduating, he founded the leading B2B and industrial marketing communications agency in Belgium. He developed specific expertise in that field, which made him a much asked keynote lecturer in major business schools and various professional federations all over the world.

Why ImpactBuilders

“When I retire, I want to be remembered for the positive impact we have created,” says Jan. The purpose of ImpactBuilders is to introduce a new business DNA in Europe, and that will take several decades. “I probably will not see the end of it, but I felt supported by a network contact who told me she appreciated our Gaudi thinking.”

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