We are a Venture Builder

We build thriving businesses, …

We build new ventures from idea to growth — for our own ImpactFunds, as well as for businesses, universities, and corporate venturing departments of large corporations.

… and make a positive impact

We believe grand ventures are profitable businesses that motivate collaborators to add value to the clients, while making a positive impact on society.

We focus on people

Motivating the right teams …

Team, team, team. The three key factors for a successful business. Let’s ensure the team is right at each stage of the evolution of a venture. We assemble and coach the leadership and governance teams — and match them with the team of our clients.

On teams and their evolution.

… to work for the right investors

Our clients are professional investors who want to combine impact with profit. We get a mandate from shareholders to either build a new venture, or revive an existing one. Often, we start by taking a closer look at their existing or future investment.

On clients and their specific needs.

We have a dream

Introducing a new business DNA

We are introducing a new DNA into the European business community. We would like companies to focus on people and clients, and create a positive impact. Also, we foster entrepreneurship, and stimulate research & business to remain anchored in Europe.

More on our journey.

With support from our expanding community

We get the support from a rapidly expanding pan-European community of influencers, entrepreneurs, creative minds, and fans who share our vision and add their personal value to our journey.

More about our community.

Funding our dream

ImpactFunds making a difference, …

In order to make our dream come through, we need a new kind of investment fund. Our ImpactFunds have the intention to combine long-term results with a lasting positive impact.

On our ImpactFunds.

… and other impact financing innovations

Impact lending, crypto activation financing, … we are sketching and drafting new kinds of impact investment undertakings, to innovate the funding of the European ventures that are aligned with our vision.

On our innovations.

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