Frieda Janssens (BE)

Frieda is one of the cornerstones of ImpactBuilders. She leads the Brussels Regional Hub, and is coaching the Venture Builders and Venture Leaders of the ventures around Brussels. She is a top advisor too, and has the certificates of Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator and Cultural Transformation Tools Practitioner of the Barrett Values Centre. Moreover, she is an organisation design advisor from “the real world”. She had been working in various managerial positions in medium-size and large corporations for several decades.

Why ImpactBuilders

Business with impact and business with humans. That is what characterises Frieda Janssens. Frieda supported the creation of ImpactBuilders from the very start, and is now passionately helping to find ‘the secret code’ that would change the way businesses are run on a large scale. Frieda knows that the birth and rise of an organisation is an evolutionary process that is centred around the individuals that make it all happen. That’s why we are very happy that she is one of us.

At ImpactBuilders

  • Brussels Regional Hub Leader
  • Cornerstone Fund ImpactBoard
  • Rosa’s Legacy Fund ImpactBoard
  • ImpactEnthusiast