Service in the picture : “Temporary Leadership”

Taking the responsibility over a business in three steps

When ImpactBuilders takes the mandate over a venture for some months, there are three main steps we take, before we are “in”.

1) General appreciation

Initially, our vision architect has a call with the leadership team, with the investment manager and with one or two board members. Typically, in one or two sessions, we have a clear vision of what is missing — and how we might solve it. Often, the real solution requires more than just a temporary extra leader, but in many cases, the additional leader can already help catch the low hanging fruit.

2) Quick-scan

Then we send in our team expert for a quick scan of a few days. Of course, we interview the leaders. However, what is more important, we talk with a variety of other people that are working in the organisation — all the way “down” to the blue collars. They often know what’s really wrong. And, of course, we would like to get that kind of insights, before we go in for you.

3) Prep and go

As soon as we understand the situation on site, we start matching the reality of that business with one of our temporary leaders. When you feel comfortable with him or her after a few calls, we make the preparations to introduce the leader on site. That’s when we set the goals and start booking flights.

Off we go for a bright future.

Could this work for you(r) company? Let’s get in touch …

Important remarks

  • It’s teamwork at ImpactBuilders too. We do not send a solo-preneur to your site. We actually send in an entrepreneurial team. Our temporary leaders are not alone out there. Both the organisation expert and the vision architect are in frequent contact to get the company afloat asap. And, there is an entire network of experts and coaches to build upon to solve specific issues.
  • Full mandate, with limited liability. When we go in, sometimes the company is already deeply troubled. Our responsibility is to try and get the situation afloat again, and assemble a new leadership team at the end of our mandate. We are not the ones taking the legal blames and claims from the past.  
  • Weekly reporting. Every week, there is a call with the investment manager. Let’s not wait for a month to report issues. Let’s solve them together right away. Although you do not have “to put your fingers in”, it helps a lot when you are available at arms length, and could speed up the decision process at the investor side for strategic issues.
  • Skin in the game. We put aside 30% of our fee as a guarantee for success. The 30% success guarantee can be converted into sweat equity or cashed out when the success criteria are reached. Depends entirely on your investment strategy. Most important is that we are on your side too.