Patrick Schollaert (BE)

When he was working at the Belgian entity of the global bank BNP Paribas Fortis, Patrick Schollaert was already passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and finance. He created the innovation hub “iHub” for the bank, when the business community had merely discovered the concept of a startup. When he retired a few years ago, 20 banking colleagues at iHub were supporting the Belgian startup community.

Today, Patrick is offering his expertise to several organisations, e.g. the “Gantoise” football club of AA Gent. He also joined the ranks of ImpactBuilders, and helps us define the right funding offering for a private reach out to high net worth individuals. 

Why ImpactBuilders

“I am fascinated by the innovation of this team,” says Patrick. “Even for commodity services such as interim management, Steven and Jan have found a different and more effective approach with the innovative concept of temporary leadership to create an intermediary phase between old school management and future-proof leadership.” Patrick also likes the international ambition of ImpactBuilders: “This group dares to step outside of the comfort zone, and make a difference on a pan-European scale right away. I am happy I can witness the evolution of ImpactBuilders from very close-by.” 

At ImpactBuilders

  • ImpactEnthusiast
  • ImpactBuilder  
  • Investor Network Activator

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