Enrico Borella (BE-IT)

    Recently, Enrico Borella started to write his own future as an entrepreneur and a startup coach. Before that, he was injecting entrepreneurial vibes in the innovation initiatives and the corporate venturing journeys of global manufacturing companies. 

    We met each other at one of his former employers. “I heard ImpactBuilders’ founder Jan Lagast speak of customer value as a strategic differentiator,” explains Enrico. “That triggered me. So, as soon as I was on the market again, I immediately got in touch to join the ranks of ImpactBuilders.”

    Why ImpactBuilders?

    “It’s so evident to understand that a company gets better results, when motivated people are adding value to clients,” says Enrico. “But as soon as corporate structures set in, it suddenly becomes very hard to acomplish this. I am really hopeful that ImpactBuilders would be able to change that in the European industry. And I am eager to help.” 

    At ImpactBuilders

    • ImpactEnthusiast 
    • Network Activator

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