The way work is organised is a CEO’s main concern

It is tempting and easy to delegate this topic to HR. However, the way we organise work is such a fundamental challenge for the future business, that it requires the CEO’s full attention. 

Filip Vandenweghe is one of the members of the ImpactBuilders main ImpactBoard. The ImpactBoard will advise us on the creation of all our future venture funds. Filip is supporting ImpactBuilders for some years now. “I am happy to be part of this great team,” says Filip. “And, I am also passionate about the ‘building’ aspect of ImpactBuilders: building new businesses that create innovative value, is a fascinating task.”

Future of Work is main concern for the CEO

Filip is also going to be a member of our future Cornerstone Fund. This fund wil create businesses that will offer the missing services and technologies to make the Future of Work really happening. “I think it is one of the main concerns of a CEO to think about the way they want to organise work,” knows FIlip. “Too often and too easily, this bucket is passed on to the HR department. They, of course, have to help, but this topic is so fundamental for the CEO, that they should keep this topic in their own hands for now.”

Still in evolution

In his business network, Filip witnesses a lot of doubts about the Future of Work. “This management domain is still ‘under construction’. And sure, it confronts the way classic management thinks about the organisation of work. But, when you talk about it in a more closed circle of friends and family, it is clear that the current job tension is high.” According to Filip, the creation of workable work is an unmet need. “Covid might have given a temporary boost to certain aspects, but it is clear that the future of work is not about work from home. On the contrary.”       

Why he supports ImpactBuilders

Why he wanted to be on the ImpactBoard of the Cornerstone Fund? “I am glad to be able to help find solutions for the way we organize work in the future. In the meantime, the ImpactBoard will put me in the epicentre where pragmatic solutions will be found and lessons will be learned that I can bring to my own businesses. I am glad ImpactBuilders gives me the opportunity to join them on this journey.”

About Filip

Filip Vandenweghe (BE)

Filip Vandenweghe is CEO of Idelco Insulation, manufacturer of isolation pannels for the construction industry in Wielsbeke (Flanders, Belgium). Idelco Insulation is a company of the Bremhove group, the family holding of the entrepreneur Joris Ide. Filip has been working as a strategy advisor and had various positions as CEO or BU manager, in the manufacturing industry, throughout his career. Since April 2023, he is member of the ImpactBoard of our future Cornerstone Fund, and of the main ImpactBoard of ImpactBuilders.  At ImpactBuilders