Adina Jarha-Andersson (SE)

Moved from Finland to Stockholm, and travelled all over the world. Moved up the Shell hierarchy from SAP R/3 expert to global supply chain and global excellence manager in 2014. Since she left that corporate environment, she is an SME & startup advisor, as well as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. She is the leading lady at the Swedish senior consultancy organisation VD-Stodet. And, with Pine she is creating an impact-centric startup incubation ecosystem.

Why ImpactBuilders

Adina likes to combine entrepreneurship with impact and purpose. “I am focused on operational excellence, and passionate about impact and people,” says Adina. “The ImpactBuilders DNA is my natural instinct, and its core values are in clear overlap with mine. So, of course, I want to support the ImpactBuilders venture(”

At ImpactBuilders

  • ImpactEnthusiast
  • FunkyTime sales agent

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