Johan Goossens (BE)

Sustainability and governance are the two life-time sweet spots of Johan Goossens. As Country Manager Belgium of the global organisation PV CYCLE, he ensures that photovoltaic panels return to their cradle. PV CYCLE is a private initiative by solar panel manufacturers to coordinate and finance the recycling of their used products.

In the past Johan was a member of the management team of a similar organisation, Fost Plus. Fost Plus coordinates and finances the recycling of household packaging. Most Belgians know Fost Plus from the transparent blue bag that is being used to collect lightweight packages from their homes. From within Fost Plus, Johan was also involved in the creation of the European umbrella organisation.           

Why ImpactBuilders

“I like the ideas and projects of the future ImpactFunds,” says Johan. “They are also combining sustainability and governance, and have a positive impact on society. I am particularly interested in the fields of noise harassment reduction and the Future of Work. And, I have a huge respect for the entrepreneurship of the founders. I wish them all the best to create this fascinating project.”   

At ImpactBuilders

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