Ian Wagner (KR)

Ian Wagner has been a key actor in tech startups for more than 10 years. Both as a co-founder and a senior-level early employee, he was solely or jointly responsible for technology strategy. He is the president & COO of Stadia Maps, which he co-founded several years ago with a fellow e-Resident. He is also one of the co-founders of Emerald Foundry, a startup and SME coaching company that focuses on entrepreneurs all over the world who have applied for the Estonian e-Residency program.

Ian Wagner promotes the e-Residency program of the Estonian government, as the e-Residency Community Leader in Seoul (South Korea). “The e-Residency program is a great tool supporting individuals’ freedom and empowerment,” explains Ian, “So I’m a natural fan of it!”

Why ImpactBuilders

“I believe in a more global, decentralised and entrepreneurial world,” continuous Ian. “I would like that more and more people have the knowledge, the tools, the autonomy, and the empowerment to craft the world around them, and contribute to society at their best. Businesses are the way empowered people collaborate to achieve even greater results and create more impact. So aligning with ImpactBuilders came naturally.”

At ImpactBuilders

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