Rosen Dimov (BG)

Rosen Dimov is associate professor at the Hungarian university of Pannonia, where he is teaching and researching on the topics of Circular Economy, Renewable Energy and Bio-Economy. He is also a consultant in innovation management, who helps companies from various industries grow sustainably and internationally with the support of public funding. And, Rosen is one of the co-founders of Emerald Foundry, a startup and SME coaching company that focuses on entrepreneurs all over the world who have applied for the Estonian e-Residency program. Rosen helps to build the team spirit, and also advises the leadership team on strategic matters.

Since a young age, Rosen has grown up to build communities around a wide range of causes, from civil rights to humanitarian relief, from education to poverty alleviation. So he definitely knows how to create a positive impact on society.

Why ImpactBuilders

“I believe in a more global, decentralised and entrepreneurial world,” says Rosen. “I would like that more and more people have the knowledge, the tools, the autonomy, and the empowerment to craft the world around them, and contribute to society at their best. Businesses are the way empowered people collaborate to achieve even greater results and create more impact. So aligning with ImpactBuilders came naturally.”

At ImpactBuilders

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