ImpactBuilders Financials AG created in Switzerland

Today, another piece of the puzzel of the growing ImpactBuilders group was laid. We created the legal entity that will be the key actor in providing the impact funding for our group and for our endeavours.

On Tuesday 29 of August 2023, we reached another important milestone in the creation of our international ImpactBuilders Group. Co-founders Jan Lagast and Steven Storms created ImpactBuilders Financials AG in front of a notary in Zug, Switzerland, together with the members of our Swiss team Sven Roost and Christine Mossdorf. ImpactBuilders Financials AG will be key to providing all impact funding for our internal group structure, and for the ImpactFunds and the ventures we are about to create in the coming years.

Money as a means to create a great future

Most business people link ‘financials’ with ‘ownership’. We link ‘financials’ with ‘means’. “That’s why we explicitly disconnected the controlling entity of the group from the financial entity,” explains founder Jan Lagast. “The headquarter of ImpactBuilders is a different entity, and that’s where the brand, the community, the expertise, and the network are being created. That is the place were we define and safeguard the vision of the group. Our financials headquarter provides the means, but is in no way the hierarchic dictator of the other companies.”

Walking the talk

“The clear split between financials and vision, allows ImpactBuilders to create a positive impact while building thriving ventures,” says co-founder Steven Storms. “Since vision is leading over financials in our own group, we have much more freedom to focus on impact. It allows us to walk the talk, and prove that it really is possible to live by the new DNA that we would like to introduce into the European business community. In short, we hope to prove that money-first is not the only way to make money.”