Bregt Bourgeus (BE)

Bregt Bourgeus is one of the architects in the collaboration between the Belgian IT-sector and the Belgian e-government communities. Bregt bridges the commercial activities of major IT providers such as Microsoft, Intel and HP Enterprise with the government departments and semi-governmental organisations that are deploying their services and systems.

After having worked several years in the commercial departments of major IT systems providers such as TD Synnex and Sun Microsystems, Bregt found his own entrepreneurial role exactly 25 years ago in the Belgian IT ecosystem, and started his personal solo-preneur business as a network activator bridging governments and IT suppliers.

Why ImpactBuilders

“I believe the time is right for many businesses to adopt purpose and impact,” states Bregt. “ImpactBuilders’ vision is in line with mine. Impact indeed does not have to go against profitability. I was honoured that they asked me to be part of this growing international community, and I am eager to find out what my role could be in this new ecosystem.”   

At ImpactBuilders

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