Ulvi Heinmets (EE)

Ulvi Heinmets is the founder of Möblisson, a workshop in Tallinn that refurbishes old furniture. Worn-out sofa‘s and tables, antique closets and chairs. Ulvi and her team give them a new life. Before she started her own business, she has been working in various industries as an office worker. She got her business idea by looking around in her personal network. „I saw so many people buying cheap furniture and throwing it away a few years later,“ says Ulvi. „I wanted to change that, and help people to at least give them the opportunity to prolongue the length of their precious pieces of furniture.“ 

Starting and running the business has not been an easy journey. „It is often tempting to just stop and look for a job. But I know that that would never make me happy. Being able to create a positive impact on the planet, keeps me going.“ 

Why ImpactBuilders

„It‘s a two-way win-win,“ says Ulvi. „Reading the other stories and talking to the leaders of ImpactBuilders, make me feel less alone. It confirms me that I should go on with my business and chase my dream. And, one day, I hope to also inspire other entrepreneurs to follow their dream … and be proud of themselves.“ 

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