Vivian Sajet (BE-NL)

Vivian is the founder and CEO of the Benelux recruitment agency M18. They specialise in hiring leaders, as well as sales & marketing and HR talent. M18 started 23 years ago to search staff for the fast-growing telecom operator Mobistar (now Orange). “I believe recruitment services should do much more than presenting CVs,” says Vivian. “I try to ensure everyone can make their relevant contribution. That’s why we always go all the way to get a great match.”

Vivian started as a McKinsey consultant in the Netherlands, and was on several leadership positions in large companies such as BT. However, she is not the typical money-first entrepreneur. She has been on the board of a school group, and is coaching youngsters in the ‘Talk to C’ mentoring journey. And, M18 is running a so-called VIP programme for individuals who are searching for a new job. “We offer this free service to help them orient and present themselves better on the labor market.” 

Why ImpactBuilders?

“Because people are important to me,” says Vivian. The ImpactBuilders journey is to ensure businesses motivate their collaborators to make a difference, and add value to their clients. Clients are people too, so the people-focus works on both sides of the transaction. “And, I do love to co-create new ideas together with other visionary people. Thinking out of the box. I love it.” 

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