Greet Verbruggen (BE)

When Belgian companies need extra hands and brains in their HR-activities, they can count on Greet Verbruggen. With many references at big brands and at innovative start-ups, Greet knows the ins and outs of many growing Belgian organisations.

Driven by her core values, she wants to change the corporate world. From the inside ànd from the outside. No surprise, we met Greet at the general assembly of the shareholders of the journalistic cooperative organization Re-Story, that wants to write ‘the other story’ of society. This is just one of Greet’s many community projects.  

Why ImpactBuilders?

“I am impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of its two founders,” says Greet. “They are really trying hard to make a difference in the European business community. Of course, the focus on making people feel more relevant is one of my personal passions too, so our journeys clearly align.” 

At ImpactBuilders

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