Keeping loyal to the dream might take longer, but it makes you much more proud

Ulvi Heinmets runs the workshop Möblisson. They refurbish old furniture. It would have been easier for her to just take any kind of work, but she stays loyal to her dream. And, that keeps her going the extra mile.

„People are throwing away too much furniture too fast,“ says entrepreneur Ulvi Heinmets. „I want to help them prolongue the life of their beloved pieces“. Ulvi knows all about woodwork, textile, leather, and paint. Initially, she did the entire process on her own — from sales to delivery. She now runs a small team of craftsman in a workshop in the beautiful city of Tallinn. She now also starts to become a ‚real entrepreneur‘. That’s why other business aspects are setting in. Such as trying to get the order volume up.  

Sticking with the dream

In order to get the volume up, it is tempting to side-track. „A lot of furniture producers are now looking for craftsmen, so I could easily take any kind of work to make money,“ explains Ulvi. „But I‘d rather stay loyal to the purpose of the business, and be a bit more patient. I want to remain proud of the works we do. We do accept a few small batches to avoid running completely idle at certain moments, but I explicitly limit the amount of non core-works, so as not to lose faith in the dream I have.“

Ulvi made the correct assumption, that one needs to dare and reach out to the right clients with the right dream, rather than getting lazy and being overwhelmed with projects that do not align with the dream. „I believe that with time, I also will get more clients that share my dream. That actually keeps me going. I don‘t think I would like to spend so much time and effort, if it was not to live my dream.“   

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Ulvi Heinmets (EE)

Ulvi Heinmets is the founder of Möblisson, a workshop in Tallinn that refurbishes old furniture. Worn-out sofa‘s and tables, antique closets and chairs. Ulvi and her team…

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